Sunday, October 30, 2005

A Month's Teaching for a Class & a Teacher's Kit; £82

The thought of the unearthly screeching sound effects in the above cartoon makes me cringe - but you can see why some teachers might be driven to such drastic methods! That or mark off time, counting the days and weeks until holiday time comes around again.

A Month is about a third of a term. A term is about a third of a school year
If three people decide that this is what they want to give me for Christmas, that'd be a whole term taken care of for one class.

Every term that children are in school they're learning - and the great thing about this gift-pack is that not only does it pay the teacher, it resources them too with plans and teaching aids as well as boards and other things. That means that the teachers are able to do what they do well, with the resources they need, so the time really counts for the children, and the teachers can get satisfaction from what they do. It's an upward spiral, really.

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